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Parenting Coordinator Philosophy
Parenting Coordination (PC) is an out-of-court intervention and relatively new approach and/or service that assists parents in high conflict separations and divorces to establish and maintain healthy relationships conducive to the positive adjustment and development of their children and minimizing litigation.  Parenting coordinators help parents create a plan to resolve disputes, that touch on issues affecting their children, such as visitation and school choice.
For the most part, it is intended for those parents who are caught in legal wrangling and are unable to formulate or implement viable parenting plans that are handed down by the court or stem from mutual agreements. Ultimately, parenting coordination attempts to offer parents an opportunity to increase cooperation between them while minimizing conflict and the potential risk factors associated with a litigious separation or divorce. 
As a parenting coordinator and current Florida Supreme Court Parenting Coordinator Disciplinary Review Board-Member(Term 02/27/20-11/30/23), I have a background and formal training in family mediation, as well as a knowledge of the legal system and family law.  I would provide long term follow-up services to parents and children referred by the courts or on a mutual basis. Parenting coordinators are impartial and work with the parents on behalf of the children. The role of a parenting coordinator is that of a counsellor, mediator, educator, advocate and case manager, committed to ensuring that the children’s best interests are prioritised and advanced. Using my counselling and mediation skills, I can help parents disengage from each other and lower the level of conflict that prevents them from making effective joint decisions involving their children. Where warranted, as  a parenting coordinator I would act as a coach and educator, helping parents to better communicate and understand the nefarious effects of heightened conflict and discord on their children’s development and well being. In the process, parents learn skills and techniques that they can use to improve relations between them. Often, community based programs and resources (personal counselling, support groups, parenting seminars) are used to supplement the direct services being offered.  Another important responsibility of a parenting coordinator is to oversee the implementation of a court order or parenting plan. Having a good knowledge of the legal and psychosocial guidelines affecting residential and access arrangements, as parenting coordinator I can make a significant contribution in helping parents negotiate and maintain a flexible attitude and navigate unforeseen contingencies which tend to, often, escalate conflict and destroy the little collaboration that exists.
At all times, as a parenting coordinator I must, maintain a high degree of integrity and credibility with both parents and a legal system that is predicated on protecting the individual rights of all parties concerned.
Parenting Coordination Fees:  $400 an hour
Retainer:             $500.00
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