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Eldercaring Coordination is a dispute resolution option specifically for those high conflict cases involving issues related to the care and needs of elders. Eldercaring Coordination is to compliment, not replace, other services such as provision of legal information or legal representation, individual/family therapy, medical, psychological or psychiatric evaluation or mediation.

Eldercaring Coordination focuses on reducing the level of conflict in families so that the family members are able to focus more productively on the issues at hand and work with others in their support system to provide legal advice, guidance and care. This process of “eldercaring coordination” will:

  • Help manage high conflict family dynamics so that the elder, family and stakeholders can address their non-legal issues independently from the court; 
  • Ready the elder and family to work with collaterals to address medical, care and financial issues, avoiding delays and resulting in better decisions for the elder; 
  • Foster self-determination of the elder and family for as long as possible;  
  • Promote safety by monitoring situations at high risk for abuse or neglect, as it relates to elders and vulnerable adults;   
  • Provide a support system for the elder and family during times of transition, and;
  • Reduce the need for court intervention in family issues concerning the needs and care of elders


Eldercare Coordination fees at $400.00 per hour

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